Globall:Art+Climate Change in Montevideo, Uruguay

During the Artlab project at Biosphere 2 in 2011 I had the opportunity to meet and spend the week with fellow artists Pincho Casanova and Macarena MontaƱez. Pincho and Macarena film and produce the television show “El Monitor Plastico” in Montevideo, Uruguay that focuses on interviewing artists of all disciplines. After returning to Uruguay they were very inspired to create… Read more →

The Art of All Possibilities at Biosphere 2

In November 2012, The Rillito River Project invited the artists from Art Lab to install artwork at Biosphere 2 (B2) for an exhibition called The Art of All Possibilities. It was wonderful for me to be reunited with everyone I built great relationships with during the 2011 Art Lab. We arrived a week prior to the opening to begin installing… Read more →

Summer Art Camp 2012

During the Summer of 2012 I worked with the youth of the John Valenzuela Youth Center in South Tucson during their summer mini art camp. We created several mural panels to serve as public service announcements to the community.      I told the youth my story of being a graffiti artists as a youth in Los Angeles, how I was… Read more →

Art Lab at Biosphere 2

I met Ellen Skotheim, creative director of The Rillito River Project during Eat Dinner Fund an Artist; where I was awarded a grant to fund my mural panel project. A few days after the event Ellen called to ask if I’d like to participate in the 2011 Art Lab with Scientists from Biosphere 2. The project brought together leading artists… Read more →


I remember listening and watching the news announce SB-1070 and the effects it had on the community. It made me think of the time that i worked as a tow truck driver here in Tucson. The company I worked for had a contract with Border patrol, and it was my job to pick up seized vehicles of deported immigrants. Nine… Read more →

Arizona Highway

Self Help Graphics selected me to be apart of the 2012 Jornalero Papers. The Jornalero Papers gathered the voices of 10 artists who live/lived the experience of being a day laborer in America to take part in a special printmaking atelier. I created a limited edition serigraph during the Jornalero Papers called Arizona Highway.                                                                   … Read more →

The Jornalero Papers

Self Help Graphics Atelier LIII The Jornalero (Day Laborer) Papers Self Help Graphics & Art1300 East 1st StreetBoyle Heights CA 90033 Curated by Self Help Graphics & Art’s Program Manger, Joel Garcia, The Jornalero Papers gathered the voices of 10 artists who live/lived the experience of being a day laborer in America to take part in a special printmaking atelier.… Read more →

The Art of Storytelling

With the $500 grant I was given at Eat Dinner, Fund an Artist, I purchased all the supplies needed for a series of workshops I held in August, 2011 with the boys from the Pima Prevention Program, Sin Puertas. Working with these boys at times was a little difficult because each of them had personal situations and issues. However, I… Read more →

2012 “Emerging Artist” Lumie Award Nominee

I’m very excited to report that I’ve been nominated for the Tucson Pima Arts Council’s 2012 “Emerging Artist” Lumie Award! It came as a complete surprise and I feel so blessed to be nominated. Emerging Artist This award will be presented to an emerging artist for her or his outstanding innovation in a chosen field of art. The Tucson Pima… Read more →

Eat Dinner Fund an Artist

The June 10, 2011 event “Eat Dinner, Fund an Artist” was the brain child of David Aguirre, Director of Dinnerware Artspace. I know this was almost a year ago now, but this is the beginning of a wonderful journey I had last year and it wouldn’t make sense to leave it out. The concept for the event was to invite… Read more →