The Art of Storytelling

With the $500 grant I was given at Eat Dinner, Fund an Artist, I purchased all the supplies needed for a series of workshops I held in August, 2011 with the boys from the Pima Prevention Program, Sin Puertas. Working with these boys at times was a little difficult because each of them had personal situations and issues. However, I… Read more →

2012 “Emerging Artist” Lumie Award Nominee

I’m very excited to report that I’ve been nominated for the Tucson Pima Arts Council’s 2012 “Emerging Artist” Lumie Award! It came as a complete surprise and I feel so blessed to be nominated. Emerging Artist This award will be presented to an emerging artist for her or his outstanding innovation in a chosen field of art. The Tucson Pima… Read more →

Eat Dinner Fund an Artist

The June 10, 2011 event “Eat Dinner, Fund an Artist” was the brain child of David Aguirre, Director of Dinnerware Artspace. I know this was almost a year ago now, but this is the beginning of a wonderful journey I had last year and it wouldn’t make sense to leave it out. The concept for the event was to invite… Read more →

The inspiration behind Trensas

I painted “Trensas” with acrylic and oil pastels on a 20×24 old wooden cabinet door in 2010 when I lived in a wild warehouse loft on 22nd/S. 6th in Tucson. I was inspired by Frida Kahlo’s painting “The Two Fridas” Frida’s painting “records the emotions surrounding her separation and martial crisis  in 1939″ One of the Frida’s represents herself still… Read more →

2012 Tucson Festival of Books!!

In the summer of 2011, I was commissioned by Pima County Public Library’s “Nuestra Raices” to paint the backdrop of their stage at the 2012 Tucson Festival of Books. After a few meetings, it was decided that I would paint four panels that would total six feet in height and sixteen feet in width. The theme of the panels was… Read more →