Nuestra Corazon

Arte De La Vida made eight spaces available in their store for ofrendas and invited anyone in Tucson to participate. My partner Melissa & I  decided to make a more non-traditional version of an ofrenda in honor of both of our families passed.

An Ofrenda is an altar that is built during Dia de los Muertos to honor those who have passed away. Traditionally familes will adorn an ofrenda with food, sweets, flowers, candles, papel picado and photos of their departed loved ones. You can learn more about ofrendas here.

ofrensa closing 11-1-13 DSC00752

I sculpted a horse, skeleton driver and wagon all from found wood and objects. I also created a coffin with a skeleton inside to represent our loved ones being pulled into the journey of the afterlife. The wagon was adorned with flowers, candies, photos and names of all those who have died in our families.

We decorated the ofrenda table with papel picado, a flower arrangement and a white glitter Virgen de Guadalupe sculpture for protection and love. A Damiana bottle filled with pills and bullet shells represented how some of our loved ones were taken.  Lastly, we poured a mixture of sweet & savory spices, rice, pasta and beans in glass jars as an offering of food to our ancestors.

November 1, 2013 was the closing reception of the Ofrenda show and we all celebrated our loved ones together.