The inspiration behind Trensas

I painted “Trensas” with acrylic and oil pastels on a 20×24 old wooden cabinet door in 2010 when I lived in a wild warehouse loft on 22nd/S. 6th in Tucson. I was inspired by Frida Kahlo’s painting “The Two Fridas” Frida’s painting “records the emotions surrounding her separation and martial crisis  in 1939″ One of the Frida’s represents herself still in love with Diego, while the other expresses her pain of no longer being in love with Diego.

My painting “Trensas” signifies the relationship with my partner, Melissa. The main thought of my painting is of how connected we both are and how we share the same heart.
The heart in my painting represents love and passion and the cigarette that the “Frida”in the foreground is holding represents the quickness of life. The vase of flowers represents the ever revolving cycle, abundance and disintegration of life. The checkerboard floor is meant to remind you of the game of life. The Trensas (braids) that are being created represents the order that my partner Melissa brings to my life. The figure in the back that resembles Diego Rivera also represents me.
We had decided to not sell the painting and about nine months later we bought our first home, settled in and began painting and decorating. While hanging up Trensas on the living room wall we noticed that the arch, window, and even flowers were all living in our new home exactly the way I painted it in Trensas.