Globall:Art+Climate Change in Montevideo, Uruguay

During the Artlab project at Biosphere 2 in 2011 I had the opportunity to meet and spend the week with fellow artists Pincho Casanova and Macarena Montañez. Pincho and Macarena film and produce the television show “El Monitor Plastico” in Montevideo, Uruguay that focuses on interviewing artists of all disciplines. After returning to Uruguay they were very inspired to create a project that brought artists and scientists together to reflect on climate change.

  photo Mel Dominguez

Spring of 2012, Mel B and I received our official invitations to participate in Globall:Art+Climate Change 2013 in Uruguay! Fundación
Unión Gallery (Alicia Perez) and Pozodeagua Televisión (Pincho & Macarena) in Montevideo, Uruguay
organized the Globall project. Globall was the convergence of artists from
the United States and Uruguay to learn more and exchange views on climate change.

Globall was a ten day project in April 2013 that began with an exhibition of art reflecting on climate change at Fundación
Unión Gallery. I had a painting in this exhibition called Por El Sol. My fellow artists showcasing beautiful work were Heather Green
(Tucson), Fritz Buehner(Boston-NY), Jane Marsching (Boston), Bently Spang (Montana), Mary Ellen Strom(Boston), AP Gorny(NY), Morgan Schwartz(RI), Pincho Casanova+Macarena Montanez(Uruguay), Martha Castillo(Uruguay) and Sofia Casanova(Uruguay).

photo courtesy Augustina Benvenuto

During Globall we had the wonderful opportunity to tour museums, art galleries and artists studios in Montevideo. We learned a great deal about how climate change is affecting Uruguay by participating in lectures with community
leaders and scientists.

We also toured the natural preserves in eastern Uruguay with Uruguayan
invited artists: Valeria Piriz, Pincho Casanova y Macarena Montanez, Sofia Casanova, Felipe Gonzalez, Maria Angela Juanena, Martha Castillo, Alejandro Turell, and
Néstor Pereira.  

                 photo courtesy Tim Fuller

We learned and experienced so much during Globall that I will be writing a few more posts with details of the trip and project.

Stay tuned….