Street Art in Montevideo, Uruguay

During my time in Montevideo, Uruguay this past April 2013 we walked everywhere and I was able to see so much street art! The art all began on the drive from the airport and then we were greeted with some cool murals in the art district where we stayed. We stayed at a place called Casa Tatu and this was one of the murals on their street.

As we got to know more of the city and walk more neighborhoods we saw lots of different styles of street art; political, graffiti, and murals. It was neat to see all these different types of art along side old architecture and newly renovated properties. The political art really made an impact with me especially after learning more about how street artists have really blossomed after being free from the oppression Uruguay was under during their military dictatorship in the 70’s-80’s.

We didn’t meet many street artists during our stay but walking throughout the city, you knew they were active!

Check out: and Street Art Montevideo They are fantastic to follow and have detail on the artists and murals throughout the city of Montevideo.