Dia De Los Muertos Art at JYVC

Any chance I get, I LOVE to volunteer my time with the youth at the John Valenzuela Youth Center “JYVC” in South Tucson.

I hosted a 3 day mural painting workshop with the youth surrounding the Dia De Los Muertos theme. The first panel was a traditional view showcasing a sugar skull and papel picado. Second panel depicted an altar and we added a photo of John Valenzuela, the police officer who the center is named by. The third panel was of the All Souls Procession that is celebrated in Tucson.

What a wonderful time to share the old and new traditions of Dia De Los Muertos and to spend time with youth in my community.

Thank you JVYC! 



Building Puentes Across Naciones Art Exhibition

The U.S. Consulate in Nogales, Mexico sponsored this bi-national art exhibition at the Museo de Arte de Nogales. Building Bridges Across Nations is such an important concept, especially here in the borderlands. My art piece selected for the exhibit is called “Nuestra Raices” and it reflects the importance of my Mexican ancestral roots  in order to continually thrive and nurture my life as a  Chicana artist and U.S. Citizen.

This exhibit was so much more to me that just a showing of my art. Building Bridges across our two nations is also something very personal to me. My father, a Mexican citizen immigrated to the U.S as a teen, but lost his citizenship when I was 9 years old. That being said, he has NEVER seen any of my artworks or attended any of my art openings, being unable to come back to the U.S. This show at the MUAC in Nogales gave me the opportunity to invite my father from Baja California, Mexico to come and see my art and experience my life as an artist.

An unbelievable art opening, to meet so many talented Mexican & U.S. artists and see their thought provoking art of reflected of the Borderlands. But best of all, to invite my father into my world of art for the first time in 30 years.

Thank you Mr. Consulate & Museum of Contemporary Art Nogales!

-Mel Dominguez



Art with UA student at Guerrero Center

 The Adalberto & Ana Guerrero Student Center at the University of Arizona invited me to paint with their students over 2 days during César Chávez week.

The students and I discussed, the farmers movement and how best to honor all the leaders in the past helped create and nurture the movement.  The students shared how important the Guerrero Center has been to each of them, providing them inclusion, and cultural support. The students and I had a wonderful time collectively creating the two mural panels and it also gave them a much needed break from finals.


Tower View Alternative School Art

I was invited back to the Anderson Center at Tower View in Red Wing, Minnesota to work with the young students at Tower View Alternative school on a mural panel project. We collaborated on the story and message we wanted to tell through our art piece, and decided to share the students thoughts and feelings about what they experienced at a traditional school vs. their current alternative school environment. 

We discussed the elements of each piece of the mural and over the course of the next few days, painted, collaborated and learned so much from one another. The days were full of snow and the girls were so ready for winter to be over as it was already April and so many cold snowy months had already passed that creating art for several days was a nice break for everyone. 

At the end of our week project, the students presented our mural panels to their fellow students, instructors and the Red Wing Arts Association who sponsored our project. It was wonderful to hear how empowered these young women felt being in an alternative high school that made them feel safe, comfortable and ready to learn.

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MOCA at Home

Tucson’s Museum Of Contemporary Art held their MOCA at Home art event at the home of friend & art collector Eugenia Woods. A piece that she commissioned me to paint was the main event of the evening. MOCA created this event to invite modern art patrons to see modern art displayed in homes of Tucsonans. Eugenia is a playwright, and… Read more →

Tucson Water’s Activity Book for Water Smart Kids

The Environment Education Exchange commissioned me to create the artwork for the 2016 Tucson Water’s Activity Book for Water Smart Kids! This was a really fun project for me to give life to characters that youth could relate to and learn from. I especially enjoyed illustrating Tucson Water’s Mascot, Pete the Beak! The activity book is all about water reliability… Read more →

University of Arizona Garden Class Speaker

The Institute of the Environment invited me to speak to their students about art and the environment. My art residencies at Biosphere 2 and Globall in Uruguay catapulted my passion of environmental issues in our community.  These experiences and my continued networking with the University of Arizona has allowed me to use my art in the community to discuss and… Read more →

Free Mini Library

Three years ago we adopted a pocket park in our neighborhood along with our amazing friends from Popcycle Shop! We’ve worked with several community members/volunteers over the past few years to clean up the park that was being used as a dumping site for old furniture and constructions material. All the work and networking with our community has created some… Read more →