Welcome! Exhibition at CSULA Fine Art Gallery

Self Help Graphics & Art selected my limited edition Serigraph AZ Highway to be part of the exhibit WELCOME! on socially engaged art collectives and organizations at California State University at Los Angeles, Fine Art Gallery April 11-29, 2016

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In the diverse metropolis of Los Angeles, there are artists working together, to make things in places where the gallery system has not yet found its way, nor, have, necessarily, the art critics and the art magazines. The “collective,” for lack of a better term, seems best to describe these outlier groups; cooperatives loosely based on unique approaches, odd practices, and varied aesthetics. They make a collection of new and inventive things to see, eat and experience in the most unexpected places.

The Fine Arts Gallery at CSULA brought together several Los Angeles collectives to the University: CamLab, Fallen Fruit, GYST Ink, KCHUNG Radio, Mujeres de Maiz, PLACE IT!, Self-Help Graphics & Art , ShoeboxLA, Side Street Projects, and Thank You for Coming. They practice, perform and present art in various forms and venues in Los Angeles. Their work defines a consolidation of a new genre: Social Practice. These groups certainly have a presence on the internet: a public and democratic space. In a nonprofit, educational space, the Fine Arts Gallery for this exhibition is less a designed “white cube” and more liked an occupied space for a couple of weeks. In the spirit of the avant-garde, these collectives show us possibilities of art without a connection to the object-based art market, but instead, are supported by the generosity of artists, by grants won from non-profit organizations, and from patrons who are not necessarily connected to the art world. Exhibit Curated by Karin Lanzoni


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