Summer Mural Camp w/Safos Dance Theatre

This summer, Safos Dance Theatre asked me to lead their youth mural workshop at the House of Neighborly Service in South Tucson. I worked with students during the week to teach them how to create their own personal mural panels. We began our sessions by deciding what their mural theme would be and then sketched decided on placement.

We addressed issues like the difference between art and graffiti and what it means to create your own work and own vision to share with people on a large-scale. Working with these young artists was inspirational and uplifting, because they have so much to say and share. We all worked together as a team to finish all of the murals and everyone was so proud of the final work. During the month of July, we were able to display all the beautiful mural panels at the Eckstrom Library. The librarians reported that patrons, young and old loved interacting and talking about all of the murals. It was fantastic to see the artistic visions from these young artists touch so many people!

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