Safos Color the Mural!

Safos Dance Theatre hired me as the co-lead visual artist on their 2-year Color the Mural project based in the city of South Tucson.  We created a mural with the community that depicted the 30 year history of the House of Neighborly Service community center and of the culture of South Tucson. We visited local schools and community centers to paint the mural.

Safos- Color the Mural! The four muralm panels painted with the community were mounted and used as the backdrop for the dancers during their Dancing the Mural show held on March 27 & 28, 2015. It was a wonderful experience to create this mural with youth and folks of all ages from the community and then to see how professional choreographers and dancers staged their works of dance inspired by the mural and history of South Tucson.

Safos- Color the Mural!2A special thank you to my friend, artist, Tony DiAngelis who works over a period of weeks with me to clean up, finish and mount the mural panels.


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