Musica de la Vida at Galeria YWCA

The YWCA Tucson invited me to show my artwork in their Galeria December 11, 2015-March 23, 2016. I was honored and excited to create the art to fill their walls with artwork themed around Musica de la Vida (The Music of Life). I commend all the wonderful work that the YWCA is doing throughout the Tucson community. Visit their website to explore all the programs and projects currently in progress. Their Mission statement says it all: “In Tucson, the YWCA has been an incubator for change – inspiring, resourcing, training, and empowering people to create the change they wish to see in their own lives, in our community¬†and in the world – since 1917.”


Music has been and will always be a main inspiration for me; growing up in a family of musicians, the cultural importance of music, and just the joy it brings me. The opening reception for this show was an amazing evening, I was overwhelmed by all of the love and encouragement from my friends, family, collectors and new followers of my work. It also proved to be a very successful opening, selling more than 14 paintings that night alone. This isn’t always the most important aspect to me, but since a portion of my sales were donated back to the YWCA- it was a fulfilling evening!

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