MOCA at Home

Tucson’s Museum Of Contemporary Art held their MOCA at Home art event at the home of friend & art collector Eugenia Woods. A piece that she commissioned me to paint was the main event of the evening. MOCA created this event to invite modern art patrons to see modern art displayed in homes of Tucsonans.

Eugenia is a playwright, and asked me to create the main stage piece for her play “The Fix.” It was a play about Sleeping Beauty as a homeless heroine¬† addict. The set; a cardboard box-Sleeping Beauty’s home adorned with art and graffiti. I had a wonderful time collaborating with Eugenia on this project. My days as a youth, living in the streets and doing graffiti in Los Angeles surrounded by the everything else through comes with the urban jungle inspired the art.

The evening of the performance I was taken back by the wonderful portrayal of Zelladine (Sleeping Beauty) as she resists the promise of life with the Prince, choosing instead to live a sovereign life as a heroin addict living on the street.

After the performance, Eugenia chose her favorite sides of Sleeping Beauty’s cardboard home and has them professionally framed and installed in her home.

I’m grateful to continually work with such a creative force of people in the Tucson community and to have such great opportunities come to fruition.




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