Manzo Elementary’s Eco-themed Mural

FINAL MURALLiving in Tucson, I’ve come to learn that it’s a community rich with knowledge and love of the desert it’s native plants. A few years ago I had been apart of Art Lab at Biosphere 2 and learned so much from the scientists about climate change and ecology. During that project I met two artists from Uruguay which led me my most recent art & ecology residency: Globall Art y Cambio Climatico.

My intention to inspire and create change hasn’t only been through art, in 2013 I become a certified community Urban Forester and volunteer much of my time with Trees for Tucson and Tucson!  I continue to always share the knowledge and experience I have attained with others.

Last year, I kept hearing the name Moses Thompson and about the fantastic ecology program he created at Manzo Elementary in Barrio Hollywood.  So, one afternoon I visited the school, met with Moses and we immediately started to inspire one another and talk about creating a mural with the youth in his after school farm club. I explained to Moses that I wanted to create a mural with the kids that combined everything they have been learning about ecology along with what I’ve experienced and learned. He loved the idea and told me that it was serendipitous that I had come to speak with him, because he had just spoken to Sal Baldenegro Jr. who had funds to donate to a project from his school supply giveaway program. So, after the first of the year, I began planning and sketching. I worked on the project throughout the end of the school year with the amazing kids at Manzo and we created a beautiful mural together!

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