Free Mini Library

Three years ago we adopted a pocket park in our neighborhood along with our amazing friends from Popcycle Shop! We’ve worked with several community members/volunteers over the past few years to clean up the park that was being used as a dumping site for old furniture and constructions material.

All the work and networking with our community has created some great relationships. Girl Scout Troop #4  who assisted me in painting the water cistern mural at Henry Elementary asked if they could donate a Little Free Library for the pocket park. They donated an old newspaper dispenser and a few boxes of used books.

A few of the neighborhood youth assisted me in painting the library with characters from Kingdom Heart comic and Bordertown. It was a fun, creative exercise to decorate the library, get it installed by Tucson Parks & Recreation and fill it with donated books from Girl Scout Troop #4.

Within a few days, on my daily walk through the park, I met neighbors who were stopping by to check out a book or two from the library!


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