Entre Nosot@s: Nosotr@s Somos!

The Phoenix based, Entre Nosotr@s group is a collaborative project that produces events and conversations around transnational Chican@/Latin@/Indigenous issues, culture, and social justice movements.

Entre Nosotr@s hosted a group exhibition, Nosotr@s Somos, at the Hive Gallery located at 2222 North 16th Street, Phoenix, AZ, 85006,  March 20-April 18, 2015.

This show presented artwork by Chican@, Latin@, Indigenous and Latin American Arizona-based artists whose work reflects thoughts and conversations around transnational Chican@/Latin@/ Indigenous issues, culture, and social justice. Artists whose work was on display included: Denise Amaya, Gloria Casillas, Monica-Gisel, Melo Dominguez, Carolina Mesquita, Carolina Hernandez, Annie Lopez, Mónika Muñoz, Jackie Q, Marlene Robbins, Jeanette Rocha, M. Jenea Sanchez, Patricia Silva, and Milagro Tellez.

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I was incredibly humbled and honored to have been included in this show! I displayed two works during the show:

My art is inspired by the rich culture in Tucson, Arizona. Laws & Lives were changing both positive and negative. I try to reflect that story through my art work so that these moments in time are not forgotten.

For the piece Arizona Highway, Self-Help Graphics asked me to create a limited edition serigraph for their Atelier LIII “The Jornalero Papers” Living in Arizona I wanted to express the journey of the migrant. I placed the college student, the wanderer, los abuelitos, day labroer, domestic laborer, and ICE agent and “The Devils Highway to show how we are all in this together. A Luchar!

The piece, Vida en Tucson gave me the opportunity to paint the story of Tucson on three separate but cohesive panels. The left panel presents the modernization and growth of downtown Tucson through it’s buildings, trains, cycling traffic, sunset and mariachi. The middle panel is about innovation and education. I painted Manzo Elementary school and Biosphere 2 as they both are working with the community to educate and learn about foodways, local traditions and growing food in our deserts. The right panel is about the Sonoran desert culture, Dia de los Muertos, and our roots- in the nighttime sky. This entire painting is about rotating our fate in the desert.


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