AZ Commission on the Arts- Research & Development Grant

The Arizona Commission on the Arts has awarded $5,000 Research and Development Grants to 31 artists throughout the state. Grantees represent a variety of artistic disciplines and reside in communities throughout the state. Awarded through a competitive application and review process, Research & Development (R&D) Grants support Arizona artists as they work to advance their artistic practice, expand their creative horizons, and deepen the impact of their work.

I’m excited to announce that I was one of the 31 artists awarded this important grant for the following project:

With my R&D Grant, I will focus on strengthening my skills as a printmaker, sculptor, and welder while experimenting with new processes of block printing, etching, and silk screening. These skills and techniques will allow me to better reproduce my work and realize more ambitious visions for public art installations built from both new and recycled materials.


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