Anderson Center, Red Wing Minnesota

Tucson Arizona gets plenty of winter visitors. Well, a pair of these visitors were visiting from Red Wing, Minnesota and stopped by the Tucson Tamale Company. They noticed and enjoyed my art, and decided to buy a few pieces to take back home with them to Minnesota. During a following trip to Tucson, they reached out to me because they wanted to meet me in person and view more art available for purchase. We met, talked about my art, my story and within a few weeks of their return home; they shared my art and story back home with the Red Wing Art History Club. This led to further discussions with the Executive Director of the Anderson Art Center. And, within a few weeks, I received a warm invitation to be apart of the Anderson Center’s Summer Arts festival to paint a mural with the community and show my art in their gallery.

0710151142And so, my first adventure to Minnesota & Wisconsin began!

As soon as I stepped of the airplane- I was handed that day’s newspaper… to my surprise, my visit was front page news!


The Anderson Center is located in Red Wing, Minnesota; home of the Red Wing Boot. So I incorporated this in the community mural. I also wanted the piece to talk about language, climate change, day laborer/jornaleros. I took five canvases to create a large mural; one story of the migrants who have survived migrating to our country but especially those who made it all the way to the mid-west to work.

The event was held on July 11, 2015 at the Anderson Center and I was so excited to have so many community members come to the event, and stop by my tent to help me paint the mural. It was magical to see my five empty canvases blossom with the help of all the community painters.

0709150852After a fun filled afternoon of painting my gracious hosts invited the gals from the art history club to a dinner party held, just to meet me! I met so many art enthusiasts- it was amazing! It was an honor to have such a wonderful group be inspired by my work, enough to have them all sponsor my trip and mural at the Anderson Center.


I had a wonderful time meeting everyone that I could during my time in Red Wing and I loved my walks along the luscious green landscapes and beautiful water fronts!  I was so exited to find out that the Red Wing Arts Association was so thrilled with the community piece I created, that they would be installing it in their gallery for the remainder of the summer before it heads back to the Anderson Center to be part of their permanent collection.

Anderson Center. Mural

Finished Community Art Piece!


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